Los Tejanos: Chicano Art from the Cheech Marin Collection presents 39 artworks by 14 artists born and/or based in Texas who are currently represented in this renowned collection.

Featured artists are Jari “Werc” Alvarez, Melesio (Mel) CasasCarlos Donjuán, Gaspar Enríquez, Jacinto Guevara, Adán Hernández, Benito HuertaCésar A. Martínez, Joe Peña, Alex Rubio, Ricardo Ruiz, Marta SánchezVincent Valdez and Andy A. Villarreal. The artists are contemporary storytellers who use their own experiences to interpret symbols and traditions in modern life, yet much of their imagery and subject matter are rooted in historical references. The exhibition was organized by Melissa Richardson Banks. The full-color art book was published by CauseConnect.


Art Museum of South Texas
January 11 through April 29, 2018

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